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Patient Testimonial:

Dear Carrie Ann
One wouldn’t normally equate motorcycling with a sedentary desk job, but it is easily done. I’ve been riding a bike approximately 10 hours a day since January 1991 except for weekends and time off due to accident, injury or breakdown.
Before biking my back was strained to the point of shoulder ligaments being torn while installing a roof. I was ignorant to the fact that it had certainly affected my spinal vertebrae. Had I known the benefits of chiropractic at the time, I would have been able to keep my back in perfect condition.
As it is, and due to my not realizing the benefits of chiropractic earlier, I literally awaited the day my back give out. A sharp searing pain hit my lower back on 16 July 2006, a few months before my 60th birthday, as I leaned over quickly to pull out something from under the bed.
Knowing to by-pass the local the local doctor (who would but prescribe painkillers while my back would continue to deteriorate to the point of no-return).I headed straight to the FBCC the next day, fearing that my working life had come to an end.
Well, it would have, had I not taken the treatment offered (along with the orthotics) after consultation and X-rays, during which I learned much concerning the nervous system & was refreshed on other points that I’d learned over the years but had forgotten.
Had I had chiropractic treatment 20 years ago, my back would be as good as it was then. Now, however, regular adjustments and twice-daily exercises (without fail) are necessary to keep my back from regressing to its former state of last year.
The Wednesday evening class is necessary for further knowledge of the nervous system and for instruction in sitting and sleeping position and in the twice-daily exercises-indispensable for restorative and remedial achievement.
I urge any reader to try chiropractic for any of the disorders listed on the front door, Concerning the cost of treatments, the words came to me, “No back, no work.” Simple. For my neighbor who saw the benefits of the “after, “one series of adjustment cleared up the problem which he’d had for the last ten years.
My only regret is that I’d not come to see you years ago.
T. Cook

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Carrie Oberster, DC