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Patient Testimonial:

Ebony was just five months old when she was diagnosed with asthma, for months we spent weeks in and out of hospital and giving her pump after pump, not to mention the steroids and nebulisers she had to have every time she had the slightest cold. Then Ebony’s grandmother found out that the chiropractor could possibly help by giving her slight spinal adjustments. We began attending Centre about 2 months ago and now Ebony leads a normal life of a two year old. She can run about to her hearts content without getting out of breath, and we no longer have to endure the upset of having to give her Asthma pumps three times a day.
Ebony now enjoys coming along for her visits to the Centre, the treatment she receives causes her no distress or pain. I’d like to thank Carrie for doing her best to make Ebony a normal healthy little girl.
Yours faithfully

Suzy Cooper

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Carrie Oberster, DC