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Patient Testimonial:

Hi, my name is Wesley.
I have been a patient of Dr. Carrie for about 7 months now. Back in October 2012, I had damaged a disk in my lower back and it became very difficult to do anything. I could barely walk or stand for any amount of time. I went to a couple of doctors that gave me prescriptions. That didn’t work. I went to a few other Chiropractors, they didn’t help. None of them took the time nor put in the effort into listening to me and my body to really find the root cause to my pain as Dr. Carrie did. After working with her, I am able to move and walk like I did before. I don’t even feel the pain in my back like I did. I able to live life again thanks to Dr. Carrie and her expertise.
James W. Blalock

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Carrie Oberster, DC