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Patient Testimonial:

Dear Dr Carrie
I think saying thank you is an understatement; however, I would like to express how grateful I am for the treatment you have given to me and my family.
My mum first came to see Dr Oberster suffering with a back problem and severe arthritis, where she had difficulty sitting/standing and doing day to day tasks. She came to see you and her health and posture has improved vastly. We recently went on holiday and throughout the whole trip she did not complain once about any pains or feeling tired, which is down to you. After seeing the good you did with my mum, I took up treatment with you. I suffer from a curvature of the spine and used to get really bad aches and pains and had difficulty when getting up from a chair. After seeking treatment I can feel my spine and posture improve, I have also had other people notice this of me and commented on.
With the way you have impressed, we now give recognition and recommendation to anyone we come across with similar problems, so a very BIG thank you to you!
Yours sincerely
Veena & Khilna Shah

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Carrie Oberster, DC