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Patient Testimonial:

I have been attending the Chiropractic Centre since September 2004. I was suffering from pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I couldn’t turn my head very far which caused discomfort, especially when driving. I also had lots of headaches.
Since having treatment with Carrie, I have noticed a tremendous improvement in the range of movement in my neck and shoulders, the pain has gone and the headaches have been less severe.
I also discovered during my initial consultation that I had one leg shorter than the other. This has now been corrected.
About 20 years ago I had trauma to my lower back, and although I felt pain and discomfort there sometimes, I had got so used to it that I didn’t think to mention it. The chiropractor noticed it on my initial consultation, and now it has been corrected.
All the staff at the clinic have treated me with kindness and have made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I especially enjoy the little chats with Zak and Kim on the reception.
I would advise anyone who has treatment, to keep all their appointments. Even if 3 times a week at the beginning seems too much, it is necessary. It is also important to keep up with the exercises you are given, because you will benefit more quickly if you follow the advice from the chiropractor.
With many thanks

Sharon Arkell

Potters Bar


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Carrie Oberster, DC