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Patient Testimonial:

In the name of Allah the Beneficent and Merciful
I am writing to express my thanks to almighty God and to you for the significant changes that the treatments have had on me. I am about 10 weeks into the programme.
My job is to look after old and demented people this is a physically very hard job and causes great stress in the back. I used to suffer from constant niggling pain, now I do not suffer atall.
The area between my shoulder blades was painful and tender, I am now pain free.
My neck muscles were stiff and sore, now the range of movements has increased.
When I used to sit on my legs on the floor, after a few seconds I would feel numbness and pins and needles. Now I can sit for over half an hour without any discomfort.
My level of energy has increased. I can feel the rush of energy immediately after the treatment.
My right leg was shorter than the left one by ½ of an inch. I was never aware of this until you carried out the initial investigations. Now both legs are equal in length.
Rashid Auckbur

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Carrie Oberster, DC