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Patient Testimonial:

Dr. Oberster, I feel compelled to send in an honest and sincere testimony to express my amazement and satisfaction with the results of the treatment I’ve received over the past year. When I first came to the clinic I was almost unable to walk without a great deal of pain. I’ve had several spine surgeries over the past 30 years in attempts to get rid of discomforting pains I experience in my lumbar, and cervical regions of the spine. The surgeries helped temporarily but never really seem to be the relief I was expecting. The surgeries left me with scar tissue, continued pain, and a feeling of hopelessness.
I decided to not have more invasive surgery as a way to alleviate the continued pain. When I met with Dr. Oberster she spent considerable time with me analyzing my condition, something I did not experience with all of the previous doctors. Dr. Oberster conducted a very thorough investigation into my many discomforts stemming from back pain. Her analysis and recommendations were logical to me and frankly, renewed my faith in the fact that a possible improvement of my overall health was within reach.
We began the recommended treatment, and right away I found myself walking straighter and feeling much better. My conditions are such that I don’t expect a miracle cure particularly with someone my age. However, the treatments have been so relieving that I have a new outlook and a much more positive attitude toward the future of my health.
I can’t express adequately the gratitude I feel toward everyone at the clinic for providing me with all the help and support, which I so desperately needed, and actually received.
Thank you for our friendship and everything I was looking for from a professional healthcare provider.
Matt Millwood

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Carrie Oberster, DC