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Patient Testimonial:

I am writing to let you know how ill I felt to how great I feel now. I had a three-month intensive treatment at the Centre on my neck, back and lower back. Before I came to you, I had restricted movement in my neck and pins-and-needles down to my hands. My back had trapped a nerve for years due to a bad experience with another type of therapy. The final straw was going through some major stress in my life. My energy level was so low, that it affected me everyday, for example, housework and in keeping a regular routine with having children as well. My immune system became weak due to getting colds often and cuts, grazes and bites took along time to heal. I also became depressed over my health.
Before I came to you, I resorted to homeopathic medicine, aromatherapies, natural healing remedies – you name it and reflexology. My reflexologist said my problems were chronic and were coming from my spine and that a specialist needed to be sought. That’s when I came to Dr Oberster.
I kept up my visits and exercises in which I think had a lot to do with my results. Since my visits, my energy has shot up and I feel physically and mentally stronger than before. My family and friends have seen lots of change in me – for the better!
Lastly, I want to thank you Dr Carrie so much for the treatment and that you knew very well what and when it would take me to get well, when I sometimes had my doubts because of the occasional twinges I used to get through the treatment. I’ve actually never felt this better before.
What I found is, is that when being treated for a problem, you realise later that it has treated other problems without knowing it. For example, I suffered with phobia that isn’t there any more and I’m no longer depressed since I have had the treatment.
Thank you so very much for everything.
Yours Sincerely,

Kamrun Bepari


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Carrie Oberster, DC