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Patient Testimonial:

Dr Carrie
Since 2000, I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I started to attend the chiropractor later on that same year. I was suffering from a lot of chronic pain, specifically on my right side, radiating through my eye, neck, shoulder, pelvis and leg. The pain sensation was also radiating down my arm through to my fingers. I was unable to grip with strength, sit up straight or eat properly with my right arm. I have symptoms of IBS, respiratory and digestive problems and also a lot of swelling throughout my body. I had been unable to move without feeling a lot of pain or able to think clearly and focus on one specific task. After my examination and X-Rays, I was told that my nerves were pinching throughout my spinal column and my leg was slightly out of alignment. I was put on an intense programme and I gradually began to feel like I was living again. I am now able to move my neck without a lot of pain and stiffness; use my right arm more freely; walk longer distances and think without the pain blocking my thoughts. The exercises I had been given has helped me to strengthen my muscle structure and maintain the adjustments that I had received. I would like to thank my chiropractor Carrie and the staff at the Back Care Centre for the corrective treatment and support during this time. My daughter, friends and family have also attended the centre and I would highly recommend anyone else for these treatments. It is worth every penny.
With warm wishes

Julie Powell

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Carrie Oberster, DC