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Patient Testimonial:

When I first came to see Dr Oberster I was in training to run the London Marathon.
I’d only been training for just over a month when I started getting pains in my left hip and knee when I was running.
It was gradual at first but then the pains started to get worse. It got to a point where I couldn’t run for 5 minutes without being in extreme pain and it felt like I was dragging my leg behind me. I was desperate to keep training as I was on a very tight schedule. The Big Day was only Two and a half months away. I hadn’t given myself much time to train and hadn’t anticipated having any kind of injury.
That’s when I got in touch with the centre. I had a full examination with an X-Ray, which showed up a few problems with my Spine and Pelvis.
With regular manipulations, 3 times a week, good exercises, and a get back to training program, I was jogging slowly after 3 weeks and back in full training after 5 weeks.
I’d lost a lot of time out of training schedule but without the true professionalism of the centre, their advice and support, I would not have been able to train at all. I was also training pain free.
I went through a full chiropractic program, reducing my visits, as and when I was advised, right up to the marathon day.
I ran the Marathon in 4hrs 58mins 31secs and even though I suffered pains whilst running they where only the pains you’d expect running a marathon. None of my original symptoms ever hindered me again.
I know I wouldn’t have completed the marathon without the support of the centre and owe them all a big thank you for helping me realise a life long ambition. I’ll see you at my next appointment.

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Carrie Oberster, DC