What to Expect

Your initial visit will consist of a consultation, thorough evaluation of current and past health histories and a full body composition assessment. During this evaluation, we will first determine if your are a candidate for the protocol We will then look into any conditions that may require us to either co-manage your care with one or all of your current healthcare providers OR if we need to refer you to another healthcare provider for management of your care. We work closely with many professionals in the community and will take the time to ensure all of your medical needs are met.

Once we have determined that you are healthy enough to be on the protocol, we will conduct follow visits each week. During your follow up visits we will monitor your progress toward your goal by taking your weight and body measurements, monitoring your body fat percentage and your lean mass, as well as your hydration levels. We will then look over your daily journal and give any coaching advice necessary. Each visit will last about 15-20 minutes.